CNC universal milling & drilling machine DECKEL MAHO DMU 60 eVo

With Heidenhain iTNC 530 path control
Year of construction: 2011
Travels: X 600 +50 Y 500 Z 500
Speed ​​range: 20 - 14,000 rpm continuously (SK 40)

With the following accessories:

NC swivel rotary table 600 mm x 500 mm including table cooling
30-fold tool changer with double gripper (SK 40)
3 D probe
Electronic handwheel
IKZ 40 bar with paper band filter
Scraper chip conveyor
Bed flush
Active cooler for control cabinet
Spindle cooling: water circulation cooling
Direct position measuring system
Flushing gun for flushing chips
5-piece height-adjustable machine shoes
Rotating lens
Operating mode 4 (smartkey)
LED light strip
Dynamic collision monitoring (DCM)
External coolant and air supply
Sealing air for linear measuring system
Operating instructions

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