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With control Siemens 840 D SL with Shop Turn
Year of construction: 2009
Traverse path in X: 480 mm
Traverse path in Z: 1300 mm
Spindle bore: 102 mm
Turning diameter max. 700 mm
Speed range: max. 2500 rpm

With control Heidenhain ELTROPILOT 4290
Year of manufacture: 2003
Max. turning diameter: 324 mm
Max. rotatable length: 600 mm
Max. Rotation diameter: 680 mm
Spindle bore: 79 mm
Max. Spindle speed: 4500 rpm

With MANUAL PLUS 4110 control
Year of manufacture: 2005
Spindle bore: 70 mm
Centre distance: 1000 mm
Rotation O over bed: 500 mm
O rotation over cross slide: 290 mm
Centre height: 250 mm
Speed range: 10 - 3050 rpm infinitely variable

With MANUAL PLUS 4110 control
Year of manufacture: 2001
Spindle bore: 92 mm
Centre distance: 1500 mm
O rotation over bed: 710 mm
O rotation over cross slide: 410 mm
Centre height: 350 mm
Speed range: 36 - 1800 rpm infinitely variable


Year of manufacture: 2017
Turning diameter: 356 mm
Travel in X: 260 mm
Travel in Z: 795 mm
Travel in Y: +- 50 mm
Spindle bore: 91 mm
Speed range main spindle: 4000 rpm
Speed range counter spindle: 6000 rpm
Speed range of driven tools: 10000 rpm